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Dybowo: Old Prussian Sacrificial Stone

The sacrificial stone is located on a hill by the communication tower in the former village of Dybowo (Dommelhof). It is an erratic boulder, considered a natural monument, with a height of 2 m and a circumference of 12 m. It has two holes serving as sacrificial bowls. Probably the boulder found its place in the Legend about King Sielaw, the legend of Mikołajki. According to it, the wife of one of Mikołajki’s fishermen made an offering on it for Old Prussian gods to appease them. It was a time when King Sielaw ruled the waters, rushing all fishing nets and overthrowing boats, which caused famine in Mikołajki. During the offering, dark night clouds scattered for a moment, and the moonlight fell on the iron circle that was on the sacrificial stone. It was this little thing that later gave the idea to one of the fishermen to forge a net from the iron nets into which he later caught the fish king.

Dybowo: Old Prussian Sacrificial Stone


Dybowo: Old Prussian Sacrificial Stone

Geocaching in Mikołajki

There is a geocache box hidden here. We invite you to search!

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Coordinates: N 53° 46.465 E 021° 37.725
Geocache on GC86X42

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