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Geocaching in Mikołajki

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a terrain game that uses a GPS location system. It involves searching for “treasures”, ie boxes hidden by other members of the game, according to the coordinates provided on geocaching portals. Each geocache box contains a so-called logbook, meaning a finder’s diary, in which every finder leaves a mark in the form of an entry. It is important that after signing in to the diary, close the box tightly and put it in place so that other members of the game can find it.

Geocaching in Mikołajki

Geocaching with Tourist Information

Cooperation with Tourist Information in Mikołajki is our first chapter in Geocaching. For the seekers we have prepared 10 geocaches hidden in unique places in the city and the manipucity of Mikołajki. We also anticipate a small gift for finders – just take a photo of your entry in each of the 10 logbooks and show them in the Tourist Information to get a commemorative wooden coin with the emblem of Mikołajki.

Geocaching in Mikołajki

Places of worship and necropolises

Our next chapter in exploring the area of the city and the manipucity of Mikołajki is the series Places of worship and necropolises. The seekers of the geocaches will discover communal churches and chapels as well as old, historic and often forgotten Masurian cemeteries. We do have lots of the last ones! It happens that walking through the streets between the villages without even realizing it, we pass beautiful places that mark the region’s history. Time to visit them!

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