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Mikołajki: Jewish Cemetery

The Mikołajki’s cemetery of the Mosaic faith is one of the few surviving metropolises in Masuria. Its creation dates back to 1881, however, you can find tombstones even from 1847. The youngest, in turn, belongs to Geord Schetzer, who died on December 30, 1931. At the cemetery, you can find 27 matzevot signet in Hebrew and German and 20 graves with illegible inscriptions or without gravestones.

Being in the subject of Jews in Mikołajki, it is worth saying that the year 1820 is regarded as the time when the first members of that faith were to live in the city. They were mainly engaged in trading, weaving and tailoring here. It is also said that they had their own temple at the port of passenger ships, which was demolished at the end of the 1990s.

Mikołajki: Jewish Cemetery


Mikołajki: Jewish Cemetery

Geocaching in Mikołajki

There is a geocache box hidden here. We invite you to search!

Series: Informacja Turystyczna 2019
Coordinates: N 53° 47.767 E 021° 35.045
Find it on GC86H78

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