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Mikołajki: Marion Dönhoff

Marion Grafin Donhoff was a German countess, born in the area of ​​former East Prussia in 1909. She traveled a lot, she obtained a PhD in political science. She joined the weekly Die Zeit and eventually became its publisher. In 1995 she received the honorary citizenship of the city of Mikołajki, and in the Social High School there were ceremonies for giving the school her name. She came to handing graduation certificates every year. She was a spokeswoman and propagator of Polish-German cooperation, and her motto was: “Maybe it is the highest degree of love – to love without having.”

Social School of Marion Donhoff realizes the ideas of tolerance and cooperation close to her namesake. It has a high level of teaching and young people learn 2 foreign languages. It also organizes numerous trips and exchanges with schools from abroad, and its completion gives graduates of this school a pass to modern Europe.

Mikołajki: Marion Dönhoff


Mikołajki: Marion Dönhoff

Geocaching in Mikołajki

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Series: Informacja Turystyczna 2019
Coordinates: N 53° 47.669 E 021° 33.972
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