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Mikołajki: Slavonic Klobuk

Klobuk, according to many folk tales, was a good demon who cared about possessions in the homestead. The way he did it was not necessarily praiseworthy. While he assured the owners of houses that cared for his wealth, he robbed neighboring estates. Klobuk could also find and bring home a household member who lost his way. Most often it was presented in the form of a black cat, a rooster or a wet chicken.

To get Klobuk, the most interesting and at the same time the most tragic method was to bury the fetus or a child who was born dead, at the doorstep of the house and wait 7 days. After this time, our Klobuk should demand baptism so that he can leave in peace. If he did not get it, he would become a home demon on our services.

The name of this Slavonic good demon was affixed to the Cultural Center in Mikołajki.

Mikołajki: Slavonic Klobuk


Mikołajki: Slavonic Klobuk

Geocaching in Mikołajki

There is a geocache box hidden here. We invite you to search!

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Coordinates: N 53° 48.245 E 021° 34.479
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