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Zełwągi: Bridge of Love

Zełwągi is a small town of about 500 inhabitants located on the northern edge of the Masurian Landscape Park. A nature trail runs through the village, running through a large part of the town, where you can admire the lakes, the Masurian cemetery, the Masurian cottage and the “Bridge of Love”. A beautifully located place with a picturesque view of the Głębokie lake (area: 45.54 ha, average depth: 11.8 m, maximum depth: 34.30 m) connects it with the Inulec lake (area: 178 ha, maximum depth: 10 m) . The bridge is worth visiting at sunset, when the water surface will be illuminated with warm colors of the sun.

Zełwągi: Bridge of Love


Zełwągi: Bridge of Love

Geocaching in Mikołajki

There is a geocache box hidden here. We invite you to search!

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Coordinates:N 53° 48.511 E 021° 30.014
Find it on GC866PV

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