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Zełwągi: Mormon’s Zelwagi

The history of Zełwągi and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began in the 1920s with the merchant Fritz Fisher, who joined this faith during his visit to Berlin. After returning to his hometown, two missionaries also visited it and the villagers eagerly accepted the new faith. A temple was built, which was consecrated in 1929 – it was then the only consecrated temple in continental Europe. Zełwągi quickly became the only place in Europe with a Mormon majority. The church was officially registered in 1961, but 10 years later the last Mormon, Erich Konietz, left the village. The chapel was finally taken over by the Roman Catholic church. Other memorabilia of the Mormons is the Masurian cemetery with characteristic graves without crosses at the Głębokie lake and the collection of a private museum of Mr. Zdzisław Grunwald (Zełwągi 72).

Zełwągi: Mormon’s Zelwagi


Zełwągi: Mormon’s Zelwagi

Geocaching in Mikołajki

There is a geocache box hidden here. We invite you to search!

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Coordinates: N 53° 48.203 E 021° 30.087
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